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Christian Limbaugh to North Carolina Assembly, 1805

Nov 27 1805
Gentlemen of the Senate & of the House of Representatives. Your Petitioner Christian Limbaugh, now Orderly Sargeant of Capt McCauls company in the 2d United States Regiment, humbly complaining respectfully Sheweth That some time in the year 1796 it was my misfortune to marry a certain Catharina Hess, daughter of John Hess of Rowan County with whom I lived but a short time & that short time in a state of the most poignant misery, owing to her rude ungovernable temper, & particularly her incontinency; for I frequently had reason to believe, that her immoral & indecent turn of mind led her to be connected with other men than myself. These circumstances weighing heavily on my mind forced me to leave her on the 24th of Aprile 1799; from which time we have never been together. Your Petitioner further states, that the said Catherina [sic] Hess shortly after removed to the county of Lincoln, that there she was looked upon as infamous by all with whom she was acquainted; it being the current report & general belief, & it is the firm belief of Your petitioner that she was delivered of one or more Mulatto children. Your petitioner States that at March term 1804 of Salisbury Supr court, the said Catharina was convicted of having barbarously murdered her infant child, which was generally believed in the neighbourhood to have been a mulatto. That afterwards through the clemency of our Governor She was pardoned under the gallows. to the Governor himself & to all the members from the County of Rowan. And for the truth of the circumstances relative to her general character, I have hereto annexed the signatures of several respectable persons who are willing & have hereby attested the correctness of the above statement. With the foregoing few, but serious facts Your petitioner submits his unhappy situation to be acted upon as You in Your wisdom may think fit, firmly believing that a bill of Divorce will be passed in his favour.      

[signed]      Christian Limbaugh

SOURCE: Petition of Christian Limbaugh to the Senate and House of Representatives of North Carolina, 3 December 1805, Records of the General Assembly, Session Records, Divorce Petitions, November-December 1805, box 3, NCDAH. Rejected. PAR #11280515.

Pleading for mercy, Ed Jones wrote Governor James Turner from Salisbury, "She was convicted on clear full testimony but she is a woman"was left unprotected desolate and in poverty by her vagabond husband, it is said she expected his return and that her crime was caused by such expectation." In any event, the murder was "not an example so dangerous to society as most others." Ed Jones to James Turner, 28 March 1804, Papers of Governor James Turner (G.P. 27), 202, NCDAH.

Governor Turner (1766-1824) granted the pardon on 12 April 1804. Papers of Governor James Turner (G.P. 27), 202, NCDAH.

Montford Stokes (1762-1842), a longtime Salisbury resident, was appointed a major general in the state militia in 1804, and he served as governor during the early 1830s. Robert Sobel and John Raimo, eds., Biographical Directory of the Governors of the United States, 1789-1978, 4 vols. (Westport, Conn.: Meckler Books, 1978), 3:1125-26.

Cowetau 9th August 1815

I herewith send you the amounts of the claim against the Hostile Indians the whole amount which I have had in my posession. There will be several --- by --- ---. They have notified me to come and give in their claims. There are several claims [that] were made out by me last year which I have not got. I beleive they were given to Genl Jackson's Secretary and Maj. Warren at Jackson Treaty. Major Wm McIntosh's claim was upwards of $4,000. I have not got [it] and great many others.
I also send you copys of my issues I made to the -ist---ed Indians since what I sent you the 1st inst there is between 10 & 11,000 pounds of life beef still remains at ------ ------- ------ from you if I must issue the whole to the Indians or a part of it. Flour is all paid what was at this place; of it ----- able to you and you could send on checks on the ----- ----- ---- for James Lovett's pay & David Rowland's pay for this year. Lovett's pay $--- per month & David's $8 per month. They owe me me a good deal out of it, & they stand in need of it for the balance. I have nothing ------ since I send you Lewis's & Hardridge's report everything appears to be quiet and peaceable in the Nation.
The whole amount I sent you of the claims against the hostile Indians by last and this mail amounts to $100,559.37˝.  The merchants have reduced their homespun at this place at 50 cents per yard. Mr. Lewis would have come to see you, his horse is very low but if you wised he will come and pay you a visit. Please give me an answer on by this mail.
Accept assurances of my
Sincere regard & esteem

Sir, Your Obat Servant
Christian Limbaugh
Col. Benjamin Hawkins

Christian Limbaugh Timeline

Christian Limbaugh's House at the Indian Agency

Christian Limbaugh was Colonel Benjamin Hawkins' assistant and lived right across from him. This is a map of the Indian agency.

Descendants of Sarah Albertine Limbaugh

1860 census for Sarah M. Hall Limbaugh, wife of Daniel H. Limbaugh

1870 census for Sarah M. Hall Limbaugh

1860 census for Albertine Limbaugh Williams, daughter of Daniel H. Limbaugh

1870 census for the family of Albertine Limbaugh Williams

Rufus. K. Williams
June 11, 1866 - May 24, 1947

His Wives:
Nancy E. Darr: July 25, 1866 - Jan 4, 1931

Mollie Hendrix: Mar 16, 1883 - Jan 3, 1967

Fred son of R. K. & N. E.Williams
Born Dec 24, 1892
Died May 28, 1908

J. W. Williams
May 3, 1856 Mar 14, 1936

John Wesley, son of Albertine and Jonathan

Virginia B. Williams Daughter of Albertine & Jonathan

Wife of S. R. Rowe and A. A. Grubb

June 20, 1869 Aug 20, 1955

J. J. Williams
DiedSept 26, 1880
Aged 61 Yrs 8 Ms 8 Ds

Joseph Hall Limbaugh

Walter S. Limbaugh

James Baxter Limbaugh

Nannie Limbaugh

Rufus Kirkland Limbaugh

The Will of Rufus Limbaugh. The images have to be kept large to be legible. There is also a transcription in Word format.

Will P1 (image, 379K)
Will P2 (image, 412K)
Will P3 (image, 326K)
Will P4 (image, 326K)
Will P5 (image, 335K)

Will (transcription)

Family Bible

Bible P1 (image, 143K)
Bible P2 (image, 406K)
Bible P3 (image, 404K)
Bible P4 (image, 459K)
Bible P5 (image, 360K)
Bible P6 (image, 127K)
Bible P7 (image, 109K)

Growing up as a child on a National Forest I never heard anything about the Limbaughs but heard a lot about my Father's Mother's family, the Blitch's.  I will attach some photos of the cemetery.  It's small with only four graves, the earliest is of Sarah Limbaugh who was the twin sister of Margaret Limbaugh born in 1860.  Sarah must have died at child birth and her headstone is difficult to read.  The second burial was of my great grandmother Caroline Harris Limbaugh who died 11 days after my grandfather was born.  The third is of my great grandfather Rufus K. Limbaugh who died in 1889 and the last is of his second wife Mary Jon Sedberry Limbaugh who died in the early 1900s.  You will see that Rufus was a Mason which made me very proud as I am also a Mason.  Looking at Mary's headstone I see some symbols that look to be Eastern Star but I may be confused.  Apparently their is some confusion over Rufus's middle name, I was led to believe it was Kirklandbut the granddaughter of Retis George Limbaugh (Ethelene Barton Streater) says it was Kirkpatrick.  Her grandfather ran the farm after Rufus died.  I will meet Ethelene on Sunday and she said she would take me over to her mothers house (Bessie Mae Limbaugh) and show me some of the papers and photo's she has. 

It was through Masonic connections we were able to save the cemetery from destruction.  I contacted the lodge in Williston and one of the members is on the city planning commission.  We he found the cemetery was outside the city limits he contacted the county planning commission and someone went over to inspect the cemetery and speak with the developer who agreed to preserve the cemetery.  The county planning commissioner has offered to help me find the will of Rufus as she has seen it and will make me a

Article from "The Dispatch", a newspaper from Lexington, Davidson County, North Carolina (as given in The Genealogical Journal compiled by the Genealogical Society of North Carolina, Volume XXI, No. 2, Spring 2001)...

Monday, June 3, 1907
"Mr. J. H. Limbaugh, of Hattiesburg, Miss., accompanied by Mr. R. K. Williams, of Boone township, paid the Dispatch a very pleasant visit. Mr. Limbaugh was born and reared in Boone township and left for Mississippiin 1854. This is his third visit here, but the first since '72. He is 76 years old, and was the youngest of ten children, all of whom are dead. Seven of them lived and died in this county. His parents were Daniel and Sarah Limbaugh. His grandfather came from Hollandto Rowan county, where his father was born. His mother was a daughter of Joseph Hall, of Davie. Old Mr. Mabry, who ran the hotel here years ago, was a relative of his. Mr. Limbaugh is visiting his nephews and nieces, the Williams family, in Boone, and will remain a few days longer."

Mary J. Limbaugh

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