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Michael Limbaugh and Descendants

L: Michael Limbaugh (1783-1867)
C: Elizabeth (daughter) (1809-1899)
R: J.M. Roe (husb of Elizabeth) (1807-1875)


Obituary of Catherine Limbaugh - wife of Michael Limbaugh

Primitive Christian, Huntingdon, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania,  June 24, 1879

Sister Catharine Limbaugh died April 8th, 1879, aged 92 years, 4 months and 12 days.

The subject of the above notice was born in Lancaster County, Pa., Nov. 26th, 1786. The next spring her father. Eld. George Wolfe, Sr. moved west of the mountains into Fayette Co., Pa., near what is now Uniontown. In the spring of 1800 her father moved to the Green River country, as it was the called, in the south-western part of the State of Kentucky, and settled in Logancounty. In 1806 or 1807 he moved to the State of Missouriand settled in Cape Girardeau County.  In that or the next year Catharine married Michael Limbaugh.  In the year 1809 Elder George Wolfe, Sr. died 8 August 1808 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri where a verbal will was filed and verification of his identity was made. He had moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouriby 1806 from Kentucky.  In the year 1809 or 1810 Catharine was baptized into the Brethren churchand shortly after she and her husband, Michael Limbaugh, moved to the State of Illinois, Union county. In the fall of 1829 Catharine and Michael Limbaugh moved to Adams Co., Ill and her brother, George Wolfe, Jr., moved to the Mill Creek church in Adams County, Illinois in 1831. Catharine remained in Adams County Illinoisuntil her death as above stated. Her husband, Bro. Michael, joined the church the Mill Creek Churchin the year 1825. Bro. Michael preceded her to the spirit land some ten years, aged nearly 84 years.

Sister Limbaugh told me, a few months ago, that she never missed but one year in celebrating the death suffering of her Lord and Master, and that was on account of sickness; but often twice or more the same year.

In all her long life there never was a charge or accusation brought against her. She was what might be termed a model Christian. Her deportment in life was that of a meek and humble Christian, always, ready to assist the needy.

She was a woman of more than ordinary intellect, and was always ready and willing to assist in settling any difficulties that would arise in the church, by her wise counsels and Christian deportment. And in all her long Christian warfare she never failed to attend a meeting when she was able to get there. And as many times as she met with her brethren and sisters to commemorate the death and suffering of her Savior she never witnessed what is called the double mode of feet washing. Her father Eld. Geo. Wolfe, Sr., was one of the first elders that moved west of the mountains in Pa.

The funeral sermon was preached by elders Wm. R. Lierly and David Wolfe, from Rev. 14:13, to a large congregation, although it was a very stormy day.

She was the mother of two children, both daughters. The eldest Frances has gone to the spirit land, some thirty years ago. The other, Elizabeth, is still living, and is over three score and ten years old. They too were exemplary members of the church. She had sixteen grand children and probably fifty or more great-grandchildren and a number of great-great-grandchildren. I have no doubt that she received the plaudit, " Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of the Lord."  John Wolfe.

Michael Limbaugh was born November 10, 1783 in Pennsylvania. The Limbaugh family left their home in Pennsylvania on December 11, 1787, just a month after Michael's 4th birthday. They traveled to North Carolina and then Michael and his father George Frederick Limbaugh crossed the Mississippi River into Missouri on January 1, 1800, less than two months after Michael's 16th birthday.

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Elizabeth Limbaugh Roe

Elizabeth Limbaugh was the daughter of Catherine Wolfe and Michael Limbaugh. Her first husband was John H. H. Dayton. Her second husband was John M. Roe.

She was the mother of seven children, four of them by her first husband, J. H. H. Dayton, and three by John M. Roe. The families of these children dispersed from Florida to Texas to California.

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Obituary of David Wolfe

Rev. David Wolfe died at his home 2 miles west of Liberty September 14th (1879).  Settled with his father on the farm he died on, on an early day.  Married Parmelia McKnight, April 15th, 1822 who survives him.  Father was Rev. George Wolfe.  Funeral from his home on September 16th, age 66 years.

Calvin J. PRICE was a white man who was opposed to slavery. He married Mary WOOLF in October 1819, but she divorced him in October 1828 and Calvin remarried on 29 May 1829, in Union County, Mary CONNOWAY. Mary WOOLF was from the Dunkard settlement west of Jonesboro, whose members, like the Quakers in the eastern part of the county, were opposed to slavery. Calvin, with George WOOLF, Micajah LITTLETON, Peter WOOLF, John PRICE, Abraham HUNSAKER, Jacob HUNSAKER Sr., Michael LIMBAUGH, Benjamin PARSONS, John VANCIL, Edmund VANCIL, George HUNSAKER, Jacob HUNSAKER Jr., John WIGLE, Christian G. FLAUGH, and Samuel HUNSAKER Sr., purchased a slave named Absalom from Jonathon HUSKY in Union County on 25 Nov 1824 (Deed Book C pages 436-438). They set him free on 19 Apr 1825,

....being convinced that it is contrary to the privileges which man enjoys from his creator that he should become the slave of his fellow creatures, subject to his dominion and control without receiving for his labor a just and equitable compensation, therefore being also convinced that the Emancipation of those unfortunate Africans who have by the hand of power been made the slaves of our countrymen, would not only be an act of humanity to the slaves, but would be remembered by heaven with peculiar pleasure and rewarded with munificence of a wise and omnipotent creator. Being influenced therefore by the considerations above stated, we do by these presents, manumit, emancipate, set at perfect liberty, a certain indentured servant called Absolem...giving him perfect liberty to do in all things as he may think proper, hoping in all his actions that he may do justice to his fellow creatures and that he may pursue a course that will gain him the esteem and confidence of those who know him.

Others who signed the deed were William GOLLIHER, Jesse MINTON, Nancy VANCIL, Samuel LEWIS, Mary LEWIS, George DOUGHERTY, John HUNSAKER, Nancy PRICE, Polly HUNSAKER, and Fanny HUNSAKER.

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Francis Marion Williams and wife Jane Tangallu Chandler Berrian Dayton Williams are sitting in rocking chairs ( the woman on the left sitting in a rocking chair is unknown).  Standing behind are their children Hobart Moss Williams, Warren G. Williams and Olive G. Williams.  Jane Tangallu Chandler Berrian Dayton was the daughter of Elizabeth Limbaugh and John H. H. Dayton and the granddaughter of Michael Limbaugh and Catherine Wolfe.

 ELIZABETH LIMBAUGH, b. October 16, 1809, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri; died July 07, 1889, Adams County, Illinois; married (1) JOHN H. H. DAYTON; born 1800 - 1810; d. Abt. 1839; married (2) JOHN M. ROE, March 07, 1849, Adams County, Illinois; b. Abt. 1807, South Carolina; d. January 06, 1875, Illinois. 


1.JANE Tangallu Chandler Berrian DAYTON, Born May 24,1833 and died June 4, 1912 in Adams County Illinois; Married FRANCIS M. WILLIAMS, October 01, 1857, Adams County, Illinois; Francis was born October 1830, Illinois and died before 1910.  Francis and Jane were Farmers and Fruit Growers.

Jane and Francis had three children Olive G. Williams, Hobart Moss Williams and Warren G. Williams.

2. AARON O. DAYTON, born February 1835 in Adams County Illinois; Married MARY ELNORA HANNAN, October 27, 1864, Adams County, Illinois; born 1843 in Ohio and died Before 1910.  Aaron was a Physician and Farmer.

3. CATHARINE C. DAYTON, born 1837 in Adams County, Illinois; Married JAMES NATIONS, June 26, 1856, Adams County, Illinois; born 1829in Missouri.

4. FANNY A. DAYTON, born 1839, Illinois; Married JOHN L. GOODING, September 02

Jane Tongalou Chandler Berrian DaytonWilliams

Born May 24, 1833 and died June 4, 1912

Daughter of Elizabeth Limbaugh and John H. H. Dayton

Granddaughter of Catherine Wolfe and Michael Limbaugh

Married Francis Marion Williams

Hobert Moss Williams

20 years old

Born June 30, 1861 and died October 20, 1932

Son of Jane Tongalou Chandler Berrian Daytonand Francis Marion Williams

Great grandson of Catherine Wolfe and Michael Limbaugh

Pearl Leota McCoy Williams

Born 1868 and died 1920

Wife of Hobart Williams

Olive Williams

Born 1856 and died 1872

Daughter of Jane Tongalou Chandler Berrian Daytonand Francis Marion Williams

Great granddaughter of Catherine Wolfe and Michael Limbaugh

Wedding Day

Elizabeth (Mary) Ann Haskins and John Doty McCoy

Mother and father of Pearl Leota McCoy Williams (wife of Hobart Williams)

They were married in Clayton, Illinois on September 6, 1864

Elizabeth Hoskins McCoy was born February 14, 1844 and died November 14, 1914

John Doty McCoy was born March 13, 1844 and died October 8, 1903

Elizabeth and John had two daughters:

Pearl Leota McCoy born March 24, 1868 and died December 2, 1919

Mary McCoy born March 17,1873  and died February 25, 1964

Mary McCoy

Sister of Pearl Leota McCoy

18 Years old

Picture taken in California

Mary was born March 17, 1873 and died February 25, 1964

Elizabeth and John Doty McCoy

Mother and father of Pearl Leota McCoy Williams (wife of Hobart Williams)

John McCoy, Pearl Mc Coy Williams, HobartMoss Williams and Mary McCoy

(Mary Haskins and John McCoy are the parents of Pearl McCoy Williams)

Ruth Gladys Williams

15 years old at Bonita Graduation

Daughter of Pearl McCoy and Hobart Williams

Ruth Gladys Williams

Daughter of Pearl L. McCoy and Hobart Williams

John McCoy great grandfather of Pearl Leota McCoy Williams

Grandfather of Elizabeth McCoy

Ruth Gladys Williams

Age 20 years

Stanton McCoy Williams and Ruth Gladys Williams

Son and daughter Pearl L. McCoy and Hobart Williams

Martha and John McCoy

Grandfather of Pearl and Mary McCoy

Elisa Haskins and Thomas Wilson

Maternal Grandparents of Elizabeth McCoy

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