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"The Descendants and Ancestors of Henry Limbaugh  1775-1833"

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Limbaugh cabin

Log Cabin builtby DanielR. Limbaugh.
Picture taken in 1927 by Virgie Limbaugh, daughter of John W. Limbaugh.

This web site is devoted to the descendants of
George Frederick Limbaugh
Justice of the Peace, Major in the Revolutionary War, Land Owner and Teacher
Limbaugh Timeline
Land Claim for George Frederick Limbaugh
George Frederick Limbaugh's crossing of the Mississippi River
Mississippi Valley Earthquakes of 1811-1812

George Frederick Limbaugh came to the Missouri area before Missouri was a Territory on January 1, 1800 with his youngest son Michael, George Frederick Bollinger and 19 other families. He applied for and was granted 640 acres of land in the Louisiana Purchase in Cape Girardeau Territory. The land was divided in 1810 and half was probably sold to James Johnson a friend of Henry Limbaugh and half went to Henry Limbaugh the son of George Frederick Limbaugh. In 1811 Henry Limbaugh and James Johnson each paid taxes on 320 acres of land previously owned by George Frederick Limbaugh in the subdivision of Cape Girardeau in the Territory of Louisiana. It is believed that George Frederick Limbaugh died circa 1810. Missouri became a Territory in 1812 and the land was in Cape Girardeau County. In 1821 Missouri was granted Statehood and admitted into the Union. Later in 1851 Cape Girardeau Countywas divided into Wayne, Stoddard, Madison and BollingerCounties and the land became a part of Bollinger County. George Frederick Limbaugh was born about 1737 in Germany. On September 26, 1753 George Frederick Limbaugh arrivedin Americawith his father, Johannes Michael Limbaugh, on the ship, The Brothers, captained by William Main. They settled in Colebrook Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania where George Frederickmet and married Anna Catharine Ritter on April 9, 1758. They had six sons: Johannes (John) Limbaugh, George Frederick Limbaugh, Peter Limbaugh, Henry Limbaugh, Christian Limbaugh and Michael Limbaugh.

Johannes Michael Limbaugh, the father of George Frederick Limbaugh Link 1  Link 2

August 12, 1769 ? (The Journals and Papers of David Schultze, Schultze, David, Trans. and ed. by Andrew S. Berky. Vol. II: 1761-1797. New York, 1952, 1953, p. 46) "?On August 12, old Johannes Limbach fell from the barn and was killed. He was 61 years old and was buried on the 14th.

Marie Listerer

Maria Listerer wife of Johannes Michael Limbaugh was born in Germany in 1702 and died July 19th 1774 in Upper Milford, Northampton, Pennsylvania. (The Journals and Papers of David Schultze, Schultze, David, Trans. and ed. by Andrew S. Berky. Vol. II: 1761-1797. New York, 1952, 1953, p. 46)

Below you will find a letter written by Ron Limbaugh and a Court Document written by George Frederick Limbaugh Senior that proves the direct linkage of George Frederick Limbaugh from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Missouri. This is a very important document for Limbaugh researchers. Ron has transcribed the 3 page document for your easy reading. Barbara Limbaugh Kuncl

Hello Limbaugh researchers:

I've just returned from 4 days of research in various Missouri archives. I'll send details later, but right now I've got good news. In Jackson, at the CG County Archives, I found a holograph document written by Frederick Limbaugh Senior that proves the direct linkage from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Missouri. To my knowledge this link has been speculated but not proven before.

The original document can be found in Box 11, File 23 of Case 533, Niswonger v. Anton, November term 1810. It is a 3-page statement, written to brief the appellate court on the case in which Fred explains certain actions he took. I'll not take time here to explain the matter, but I made a photocopy of the document as well as transcribed it. If you want copies please let me know. The document is written in English but the handwriting uses German script for many letters, and the syntax and spelling shows how awkward the English language must have been for this 76-year-old German (b. 1734, if the trace backward to Frederick Lymbach holds, as I have explained in earlier correspondence).

The key passage in the document comes as Frederick, as Justice of the Peace for German Township, describes an interview he had with Benjamin Anton or Anthony, the constable of the township, who has complained that a deputy constable, Joseph Niswonger [who is Fred's son-in-law (married to Fred Jr.)], upon executing a warrant against Anton, mistreated him and illegally seized personal property. Furthermore, said Anton, his name was misspelled on the warrant. In reply, Frederick says: ". . . I answered him To with, what Concerns your Name I heard Name and Call your father and brother of your father for 50 years Anton (in pennsylvania) and afterward also in N Carolina, and that this was not done in spite or of any aggravation. . . ." The document, written entirely in Fred Sr's hand, is signed and dated. The signature matches another document I located with Fred's holographic scrawl.

There are other documents in the territorial papers of Louisiana, ca. 1800-1812, that refer to Fred Sr's legal work on the bench, some of which are in his handwriting. I was delighted to find the archives had taken such good care of these historically valuable early papers, and I would recommend them to anyone working on the early Limbaughs.

Ron Limbaugh

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